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We often confuse the word minister to mean pastor, priest, clergy, or someone working full-time in a church or missionary endeavor. Admittedly, oft time this is indeed the case. There are however, other functions that are applicable to the word (minister) such as, give help (to); attend to the needs of.

As Christians, we are called by our Lord to give of our time, talent, and treasure. In today’s marketplace, time is a valued commodity that most refuse to part with. Quite frankly, I can understand that position. In most families, it takes two wage earners a minimum of eight hours per day to make ends meet. When the work day is finally over, we have the arduous task of picking up children, fixing dinner, cleaning up a messy house, and finally making preparation for the next day before collapsing in bed. “Time, what’s that?”

Talent, on the other hand, is something we are all gifted with. In fact, many of us are putting our talents to work in the Christian community. Some of you may be Sunday school or Youth leaders, pastors, church helpers, musicians, or a number of other positions that take to operate the church or ministry on any given day. However, many just go through the routine of church. Let me tell you, there’s no joy in simply going through the motions in anything we do. I’m speaking from experience. Please, allow me to tell you the secret to joy, happiness and fulfillment!

The third calling we have is of our treasure. May I say, if there was ever a place for disagreement in the Bible, this is it! I was once rebuked by a wonderful Sister in Christ for quoting from Acts 2:42-47 as the church that cared for the needs of others. The context here is quite clear that first, they had everything in common 2:44, second, they gave to anyone as he had need 2:45, third they had communion together 2:46, and fourth, they praised God and enjoyed each other’s fellowship, and the Lord added to their number daily 2:47. There’s no mystery here, dear ones, giving from the heart is the very essence of Christ.

For those of you that want to participate in ministry, but for some reason can’t commit to the physical aspect of it, there are two alternatives. The first is prayer! My friends, there is nothing of eternal value accomplished outside of prayer. We need prayer warriors to undergird this ministry on a daily basis. Second, we need your financial support. When you give, you are being used by our Great God as the conduit, the sender to a lonely, needy people. People who at one time were just like you and me, living a life of freedom and contentment, only to be stripped of this joy and confined to four lonely walls. A 2005 statistic reads as follows: There are 2,000,000 nursing home residents in the United States, after the first few weeks of their arrival to their new home, 35%, or 700,000 of these residents will never see a family member again. These statistics are staggering. Our Chaplains are there to meet the emotional and spiritual needs of these lonely forgotten friends. We need your help! I’m asking you to prayerfully consider being an Acts 2:45 believer. I promise, you will be blessed beyond measure by the one that gave it all.


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