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From the Director  

Welcome to the Community Chaplain Service web site. My name is Reverend Bill Echols. I am the Executive Director of Community Chaplain Service and I would like to ask you a very personal question. Have you ever wanted to serve the Lord, but were unable to discern in what capacity He was calling you. Have you ever had the desire to be a missionary, a full time servant of God, but because of family, finances, fear, or possibly age you just couldn’t take that quantum leap? Well, let’s face it, taking that step of faith can be extremely overwhelming. What if I were to tell you the very desire you had years ago can be fulfilled today, right where you’re at, in your very neighborhood? Would you believe me? It’s true!

Did you know in America there are literally thousands of elderly in assisted living facilities, nursing homes, hospitals, and hospice quarters that are rejected by all of society? That’s right; they have been rejected by family members and friends alike. They have been given the name of America’s forgotten. What a tragedy! You know, many of these forgotten were important people at one time, just like you.

Allow me to share some facts you probably are not aware of. On average, there are at least 35 deaths per year at each home. 27% of all discharges are due to death. One out of four nursing homes each year is cited by the government for causing death or serious injury to a resident. The average length of time for a resident since admission is 870 days. A 65 year old person has a 40-60% chance of entering a nursing home at some time in his or her life. This could be you or me! In the United States and Canada there are over 20,000 nursing homes (combined), ranging in size from three beds to over three hundred with an average size being just over 100 beds per home. Using the average resident population (100) for each home, 35% will never see a family member again after the second week of bed occupancy. For a clearer picture, 20,000 homes with an average of 100 is the equivalent of 2,000,000 residents, of which, 700,000 will be forsaken by family members. That’s right; they will never see another family member again.

Here’s where you can make a difference. You can serve God as a missionary to the elderly: You can be a chaplain. You can bring comfort and the love of God to America’s forgotten. We have opportunities in every state for those who have a desire to serve. There are no age limits, gender specifics, or denominational barriers. All you need is a desire to serve and the love of God in your heart.

Let me give you some statistical data on our outreach. We are currently in the following states: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Virginia, Massachusetts, Florida, Rhode Island, Oklahoma, New York, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. CCS also has an affiliate outreach in New Brunswick, Canada and most recent the Philippines. It is our desire to have chaplain representation in every state and as many countries as possible.

In the year 2008, our chaplains made in excess of 106,000 resident visits. All of our visits have a central theme, to bring comfort and share the love of God with each resident in every facility. In addition, there were 349 voiced conversions to Christ. We give our Great God the glory!

As you peruse our site, take the time to search your heart. Ask yourself, is this something I can do? Is this something that will meet my spiritual needs, desires, and aspirations? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, CCS may be for you.

Please, take the time to visit our application page and fill out the required information for full or part-time service. In turn, we will be happy to review your application and resume and get back with you in a timely manner. I look forward to hearing from YOU.

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