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Apply to Become a Chaplain  

Follow these steps to become a Chaplain.

1. Make initial contact in person, by email or by letter
2. Candidates will be provided with:

a. Policy and Procedure Manual
b. Checklist
c. Application form
d. Personality profile
e. Sexual Harassment Statement of Record
f. I-9 Documentation form

3. Candidate returns to the CCS office:

a. Completed application form
b. Statement of conversion (please be as detailed as possible) and Christian experience
c. Photo
d. Physician’s statement (needed to assure you are in good health and able to work)
e. Personality profile questionnaire
f. Sexual Harassment Statement of Record
g. References in writing: Church reference (Pastor, Deacon or Congregation); Friends or associates (2 or more)

The process continues with interviews.

1. Interview with Executive Director
2. Interview with Candidate Committee of Board of Directors
3. A positive vote of the Candidate Committee is tantamount to a call to service, but all applicants must have a unanimous vote of the Board of Directors at a regular or special Board meeting.

A new Chaplain's Final Appointment is based upon:

1. The presentation by the candidate of all credentials
2. Positive recommendations by those familiar with the candidate
3. Approval of the Board of Directors
4. Training for ministry by CCS instructor
5. Raising of required support (full-time Chaplains only)


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